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MISSION: We created the Goji cultivation forum in the hope of gathering a knowledge base about this wonderful plant, something that can not be found anywhere online or in libraries. Here, together with the other growers we can share our own experiences successes and failures, documented with pictures, so that all new growers can learn from these, to avoid mistakes made by others, because today's beginners might be tomorrow's professionals..

ABOUT US: We are a family initiative, located in Ciuperceni, Satu Mare County, Romania, started in 2010, with the goal of obtaining Goji shrubs and starting a goji berry plantation, thus to obtain quality propagating genetic material in our own goji nursery. We didn't have previous knowledge about this plant and couldn't find proper specialty literature, but we encouraged ourselves saying that even the secret of the silkworm was solved by us, europeans.

THE BEGINNING: We started from seeds, from the Lycium Barbarum strain, which grows on the slopes of the Himalayas, bought from a canadian grower, who adapted them to the extreme weather conditions from there. From 50.000 seeds we arranged a nursery with around 2500 plants, from which after a very careful selection, we started multiplying (through rooting cuttings) the most vigurous and fruitful plants and in November of 2011 we planted the first 800 pieces in the orchard.

THE CONTINUATION: In 2012, we managed to extend our plantation to 2.5 Hectares. Although we did intense pruning and thinning, to help the development of the young plant and not the fruit, we did obtain a first harvest. After the fruiting of the trees, in 2013, we started a new selection and changing of trees that had less yields than the average of the other plants in the orchard and continued to take cuttings only from these selected plants.

OBSTACLES: Since we are growing completely organic, without chemicals, we had a massive insect and fungi infestation that affected the whole plantation and we had to cut down and burn about 80% of our trees to get rid of the disease that resulted in peeling of the stem. This caused also a natural selection on top of our selection and left us only with the strongest plants.

We learned from our previous mistakes, for the coming years we will be prepared better, with lavender cultures and other pest repelling plants inbetween the rows, plants that attract beneficial insects that feed on pests like aphids and spidermites, as well as other intimidating agents and organic treatments. This year we are ready with couple thousand clones from our most vigurous strain to continue the expansion of the plantation.

SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT: Dr. Bradley Dobos from The Tanaduk Botanical Research Institute and Tibetan Medicine Clinic,, Doina Clapa and Dr. biologist Alexandru Fira from The Research and Development Station of Cluj Napoca

ACHIEVEMENTS Our sub-strain that we obtained through selection (natural and man made), we called it Lycium Barbarum ERMA. After much effort, it's certification as an official EU strain is in progress.

PLANS: Expansion of the plantation to 12 Hectares, set up a processing plant




On the 15th of November 2014, the first annual meeting of goji growers was held, where the founding of a Goji cultivation association was discussed. The purpose of creating an association is to help to spread the culture of this plant, through delivery of propagation and cultivation know-how for the ones interested in becoming cultivators, to buy back the harvest of leaves and berries, to help protect the price fluctuation of the market, to represent the growers in dealing with different internal or external organisations.



POINT OF VIEW: To avoid misunderstandings, we wish to mention: Although we are not against cultivation of Goji from seeds (because we started the same way), from own experience we can say that starting from selected cuttings or meristemic clones from selected plants is a much better method of propagating goji for establishing plantations for profit. This is due to qualitative reasons, this way plant diversification can be avoided (phenomena observed when starting from seeds), which is to detriment of quality and quantity of harvest, as well as years of time and money wasted. This is why we decided to propagate only our ERMA substrain , which went through careful selection and coresponded to the tests done by the potencial clients in the pharmacological industry.

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