We started out as a family owned business in 2010, in the town of Ciuperceni, Satu Mare county, Romania, with the goal of obtaining an organic Goji berry farm and a high quality genetic stock for further propagation in our nursery.

Since growing this plant was new to the western world, like most fellow growers, at the time we didn't have any in-depht knowledge of this plant and no specialty literature on growing it was anywhere to be found online. We had no other choice but to take the bumpy road and learn as we were growing it.

Growing organic Goji berries is by no means an easy task, we encountered many difficulties along the way, due to the huge variety of pests and insects which in their own way love the Goji plants just as much as we do, they caused us many problems until we managed to work out a system to prevent and deal with them.


After years of natural selection, as well as very thorough and rigorous genetic selection done by us with the goal of obtaining a super vigouros, sweet tasting variety that has the highest amount of vitamins and antioxidants, we managed to isolate a variety of the original plant with all the desired caracteristics, to be able to bring the best quality Goji berries to our valued customers.

We named this variety "Lycium barbarum Erma" which we registered and obtained the european certificate of autenticity for it, making it the first registered Goji cultivar in Europe.


At the end of 2014 we layed the bases of "The Association of Goji Berry Growers" with the goal of facilitating the spread of goji berry cultivation inside and outside of our country, through the rendering of the propagation and growing techniques to those that are willing to start Goji berry cultivation, rebuying their harvest of Goji berries and leaves. We do this to be able to commercialize a variety of high quality products and to be able to represent the growers on the domestic and international markets.


To grow the best quality organic Goji berries through which we can become a recognized name in this industry, while providing high quality products full of vitamins and nutrients to our customers.

We do this by integrating newer growing techniques with the traditional ones, we use a completely green farming approach, without pesticides or chemicals, just pure organic growing, striving to protect the environment and health of our customers. We are commited to bringing you the highest quality Goji berries available. 

When manufacturing our final products, we NEVER use any additives, preservatives, sugar, artificial sweeteners, because our goal is to obtain the highest quality products that are available on the market, in our opinion quality is the one that sells a product which has to be in it's purest, undiluted form and we live by this. 


  • Dr. Bradley Dobos - Tanaduk Botanical Research Institute of Traditional Himalayan Medicine, Washington, USA
  • Dr.eng. Doina Clapa, Dr.eng. Andrei Barbos and Dr. biologist Alexandru Fira - The Institute for research and fruit-growing development - SCDP Cluj Napoca, Romania
  • Dr. Andrei Mocan - PhD in pharmaceutics, the leading scientist in pharmaceutical research on Goji in Europe.

Gojiland Fruct SRL
Str. Dacia Nr.2.
445100 Carei


Phone: 0744-893-033 

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